A Letter From a Caring Father to an Aspiring Writer

dad writing

I find it hard to share my real dreams with my family. I mean, they know about my desire to write but I don’t think they really appreciate the fullness of this dream. And what it demands from me and from them. So I decided to write this fictional letter from my dad. I’m sure it captures his fears succinctly.

Dear Mr Writer,

I heard you want to be a full time writer. Let me be sure I understand what your mom told me, in between tears of course.

You are tired of looking for a job. You suddenly remember that you have a “knack” for writing. And you are pursuing your dream of one day becoming a bestselling writer.

I have just one response and it is the same one I had when your mother told me the news.

Stunned silence, followed by Have you lost your mind child?

You think I sent you to college for 4 years, and another 18 months for a masters degree only to throw it away at the graveyard of careers? Or to struggle before you can afford a decent life?

Maybe you don’t realize this is the real world and not something from your make-believe ones. Here dreams don’t always come true. And there are usually more bad endings than good. Here, you need a job that pays the bills every month to keep from dying of hunger. And making rent. You know what happens to people who can’t make rent? They sleep under the bridge.

Me and your mom hopped from apartment to apartment when we first got married. Making rent those days was like a miracle. But we never once slept without a roof over our heads. You know why? I had a real job!

Now listen to me, I want you to stop this nonsense right now. I’ve called my buddy from back when I worked in advertising. He’s made a few calls and wants you to come around.

By the way, I began this letter by calling you “Mr Writer”. That isn’t belief in your dream. It’s sarcasm.


12 thoughts on “A Letter From a Caring Father to an Aspiring Writer

  1. Lol…so what did Mr Writer eventually choose to do?

  2. Hahahaha I did not know whether to cry or laugh. I did both. I hope Mr Writer’s dream has a happy ending. I hope if he ‘sleeps’ under the bridge, it is in search of inspiration and not a roof. I hope papa lives long enough to witness this too!

  3. Don’t worry, you won’t sleep under the bridge. Maybe with an aunt in Owode Onirin close to Mile 12 market when you are evicted from your rented apartment.

  4. So, Mr writer became a disobedient child? shide of the world..you haff join bad gang

  5. I’m glad he stuck to his dreams. The “pencil pushers” dream.

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