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It’s been a long day.

Right now, it’s Christmas evening and the guests have come and gone. Bellies are overstuffed and a lot of poultry lost their lives today. Family’s watching TV which is something that rarely occurs in my house. All is calm but for me. I’m nervous. Finally, the hour I’ve dreaded all year long is here.

It’s time to do a little time travel through 2013 in the Machine of Retrospect.

To be honest, reviewing the year usually leaves me feeling disappointed, weak and ashamed. I usually don’t have any solid accomplishments. But this year, for the first time, I’m reeling from the euphoria of accomplished goals.

This year, I finished Grad school, started 2 blogs, launched a business as a freelance editor and ghostwriter, read 27 books and started writing 2 books of my own.

The reason why I call this a life hack is because I’m trying to decipher what exactly I did right to achieve all these. I mean, let me put things in perspective.

In a year where I had Grad school, a full research dissertation, a 3 month grueling internship program and a ton of volunteer work with an NGO, I still found time to start 2 blogs, launch a business, start 2 books (a novel and a big idea book) and plough through 27 books, many of which have been on my reading list for years. This is a personal best.

Hacking my Success

One of my personal demons is my perfectionist personality. I somehow always convince myself that if I couldn’t do a perfect work, I’d rather not begin. Or I’d say something like, it will take too much time and money to do the necessary research to do a “good enough” job. So I’ll wait”. That’s just another way of defining laziness and procrastination.

But this year, I got  some serious help in this area from a friend– Victor. He gave me life changing advice:

If you’re going to do something, just do it. It won’t be the best but it definitely won’t be the worst. And when you do it, you can always improve it. But you just have to do it first.

This advice coincided with my discovery of Justin Jackson’s site, particularly these posts – JFDI, and My First Kiss.

See how similar both Victor and Justin sound? Needless to say, I took the hint. And here I am.

So my first lifehack is this – I figured out what was holding me back, and I got rid of it. For most of us, that thing is fear. The fear of failing, of getting laughed at, of getting criticized, blah blah blah. Look, I get it. Nobody likes falling flat on their face before their peers. But if you love yourself, as I’m sure you do, you’ll strive for your dreams, especially in the new year.

You have to realize that, 2014 is going to be like every other year before it. It will come at you one day at a time. And days will turn into weeks and weeks into months. By this time next year, do you want to be congratulating yourself, basking in the exhilaration of fulfilled goals? Or do you want to be angry at yourself for another wasted year?

Guess you have a choice to make.

Click here for my second life hack which I’m using  again for 2014.

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  1. Thank you for those inspiring words. I like the ones Victor told, and the ones you shared about Justin. Thank you.

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