I know you are familiar with the scenario – January 1, you’re pumped full of energy. You blast through your to-do list during the first few days of the new year. You’re running and gaining speed. It seems like you’re going to achieve your goals this year.

But then things change.

The days start coming prepackaged to discourage you. The money you’re expecting doesn’t come, your family stops being supportive, your workload skyrockets at the office, blah blah blah. In short, real life shows up. Before you can say déjà vu,  it’s the 5th week of the new year and you’ve broken every new resolution you made on January 1.

And …you’re back to square one.

Let me tell you what you’re doing wrong. Let’s say you could have started that dream project in the first week of December. But you don’t. You put it off till January 1. What you’re doing is you’re perfecting the art of procrastination. And suddenly, you want to change on January 1. Can you see the “logic” behind that reasoning?

Listen to me – there’s no such thing as a New Year resolution. January 1 isn’t a mystical day that allows people make decisions that would change their lives forever. No day holds that power. Rather, important decisions are made – listen to this – at the point of need.  Simple.

This means that if you need to break your addiction to sugar, for goodness sake, just stop now. Don’t put it off till January 1. That’s procrastination.

You want to write a book? Start now. Right now (after you’re done with this post of course). Don’t wait till January 1. That’s laziness.

Boxers train and train before their big fight. You should do the same. You should start whatever it is you want to do RIGHT NOW. If you’re going to screw up, it’s better you screw up this year. In fact, statistics show that a measly 8% of people who make new year resolutions achieve them. 8 percent! That’s discouraging.

So put yourself on the clock this year. Tell yourself, before January 31, I will …. This way, you hit the ground on January 1st running.

That’s my second lifehack – ditch the new year resolution this time ‘round. Just get to it already. Don’t procrastinate.

P.S. I liked this picture so much, I had to paste it.


Happy Holidays!


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  2. We look at the new year like there’s a deep gulf between December 31 and January 1. There’s nothing special, really. It’s the same old 12 midnight that separates those two days, just like every other day in the year.

  3. Growing up,I had always thought there is a special grace attatched to jan 1,but i was so wrong.
    Moreover i hav also learnt,u will acheive more wen u hav specific realistic short term goal,than a tedious long term goal.
    May he continue to give us the grace to run our race well amen.
    Nice article,thumps up……….

    • Thank you Dipo.
      You’re right about the short term goals. It’s a little like tricking yourself into doing things you would otherwise not want to do ordinarily.
      Guess that could be another lifehack.

  4. For me, the last picture captures it perfectly! Succinct piece Ibukun.

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