Here is a piece I wrote a long time ago. Finally got the guts to post it where everyone could see.

north star

The North Star
Long time ago before the compass was invented, travelling by sea inspired terror in the hearts of men.

This was the definitive ego battle between man and nature – both sides brought their best to the fray.

Braving the winds and the straits, with death looming with every howl of the wind, every rage of the sea.

Silently yet earnestly men looked to the heavens for help …and found it in the North Star.

Standing as the brightest star in the night sky as well as the only star which doesn’t move, the North Star became the sailor’s compass.

Always pointing north, it led all men travelling by sea and by land and pointed the way home.
But most importantly, it was a reminder that God is well informed concerning the affairs of men…and He cares.


Sometimes in life, we get lost.

With a tenacious adversary like the Devil, intimate obstacles like our flesh, inevitable weaknesses like our emotions and a big responsibility as lights of the world, it’s easy to miss our way.
God is well informed concerning the affairs of men…and He cares.

So He sends us little north stars to shine their own lights in our darkness.

They act as pointers, leading the lost back to the true North Star Himself.

Thank you for being my little north star.

4 thoughts on “THE NORTH STAR

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  2. Wow! Thanks for bringing this out for everyone to see.

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