South Africa stuns International Community with New Bell’s Whisky Ad

advertising in nigeria

King James, a South African advertising agency has landed itself some international attention with its latest television ad for Bell’s whisky. The ad, which has gotten mentions in Adweek and Business Insider, hits all the right notes that an advert should – emotional story, soul thumping twist/reveal at the end, memorable and shareable.

Take a look

This ad should be archived in every advertising agency and training school. There are several cool story techniques used in it that would dramatically help rookie copywriters and veterans alike.

The piece is on the lengthy side (121 seconds). In the traditional advertising world, that is like the duration of the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But with the amount of traction it’s currently getting on the web (over a million views on Youtube already), I think the advertiser’s gamble paid off.

This is a strong message to advertisers and agencies – the ad landscape is terraforming. It’s not clear yet what it will turn into but these are very exciting times.


One thought on “South Africa stuns International Community with New Bell’s Whisky Ad

  1. Reblogged this on Phil Howells and commented:
    I don’t normally like sentimental schmaltz but this is beautifully produced, acted and a lovely little punchline. Most of you will guess it but those if you don’t it’s a pleasant reward.
    Not bad for a run of the mill blended Whisky.

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