Death Claimed You

Beautiful Godchaser

I’ve had “Praise You in this Storm” by Casting Crowns on my playlist, repeating all day. It’s just too much for my mind to bear. I keep blanking out. My heart is self preserving; It knows the realization of what I’ve lost will cause total system shut down.

My best friend died last week. The news brought all my activities to a halt like a red light.

They say there are no words to convey the depth of sorrow that losing a loved one brings. The weight of the loss is indescribable. They are right.

But I will still try.

I feel like someone scooped out a big portion of my soul and dumped it six feet in the ground. I feel like the missing part of my soul got replaced with a paper shredder. It hurts. And screaming doesn’t help.

The first thing that popped into my head when I heard was,

She’s in heaven. And it’s a better place.

So there’s not much to say. I’ll keep this brief.

Temitope was driven, passionate, ferociously supportive. Always ready to talk, able to hold her own in an intellectual debate. Celebrated even the littlest of successes. Inspiring worshipper.


She taught me how to worship God. Her motto was Hold Nothing Back.

She inspired my first poem. She was my little north star.

I remember sitting in church, mind drifting off as usual during the service when the bible reading came up. I remember being jolted out of my daydream by a voice I can only describe as the replica of Bimbo Odukoya’s. It was firm, intonation and inflection was spot on, her voice was unmistakable. Just one thing was different. When I saw who was producing the voice, I smiled like a five year old on his birthday.

Smiling was always easy whenever I was with you.

I will see you again my friend. Till then, say hey to apostle Paul for me.

She Chased God till She Slept

She Chased God till She Slept



14 thoughts on “Death Claimed You

  1. Rest on, my friend’s friend. I feel ur pain Ibukun. May God himself hold n comfort you.

  2. never had a close relationship with her,but from afar she was admired,came as a shock to when i heard of her exit…words can’t explain the pain…rest on beloved sis till we meet to part no more

  3. 1cor 15:19
    If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.

    No matter how much questions we ask or how much of our tears we shed, it wont bring her back. we can only forge on as we are not of those who shrink back but press on.

    In the words of Mecry Me: I can only imagine

  4. I lost my cousin and best friend to cancer a few years ago. I can’t remember a time not knowing her, a time she wasn’t my best friend. I still miss her every day.
    Time will ease the pain of your loss, but never erase it entirely. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

  5. 1Thess. 4:13  But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.
    This has been my consolation since I heard abt her exit.

  6. Each time I remember, which is quite regular, I feel a certain calmness inside. She’s with the Lord. And like I told my friends, there’s one more reason why I want to make heaven: to see her again. She was a rare gem.

    It’s good to know that people noticed the way she read the Bible. I used to be sooo happy whenever she was the one to take the Bible reading. I know someone who actually started reading the Bible like her.
    Pastor Tope had real passion for God. And she made impact. Rest on, dear pastor.

  7. I really didnt know her personally but i feel the pain. i remember when i first saw it on aunt mary boye’s page; her dedication to God, how she fought to maintain her intimate relationship with God and how her life was all about him, i cried because i had to ask myself where am i in my relationship with God. I cried so bad because all i was doing was being moral and forgetting my first love…..Jesus. You may be gone Pastor Tope but your life pattern has touched me immensely. i think about it everyday….even as i was working on my project yesternight.Sun re o.

  8. She blessed my life..God had me in mind when He brought her to MFM youth Church,wish I can see her again

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