Writing Competition: Flash Fiction Contest

logo-Museum FoundacionCan you tell a story in a hundred (100) words or less? Even if you can’t, you should still give this a try.

The competition first prize is $20,000 for the best short story. All entries will be evaluated by an international jury of great prestige, and the finalist’s stories will be published. A maximum of two stories per person of no more than 100 words each, should be submitted from the following link:


The César Egido Serrano Foundation is the non-profit Foundation convener of this initiative, and whose objective is to use words and therefore dialogue as a tool of understanding between different cultures and religions.

I’ve already submitted my entry. I’m recommending the contest to you (what are friends for?). If you do win, I also get a $1,000 prize for recommending you. So please, when prompted, enter the following identification code in the registration form:


In case you need tips on writing great flash fiction, here’s a great resource:


Last year, the César Egido Serrano Foundation were the prize best equipped by word of the world, and it is under study by Guinness World Records. The Museo de la Palabra is a heritage site of the Fundación César Egido Serrano, it is located in Quero, Toledo (Spain), on the first route of Don Quixote.

Have fun!


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