Flashing Myself into the Mood (Subconsciously)

I wrote this to get myself writing again. Did some light editing but it’s mostly fresh off the subconscious. Enjoy, if you can.

I find it so hard to write sometimes. Because it seems so cool at first. I get this fantastic idea and it’s so solid I can taste the scent of the plot, of the characters.

Only one problem though- writing the damn thing.

Oh, I start alright, but then I overanalyze every damn thing. And then the story becomes a drag. And then I get stuck not knowing where to take it.

Then it starts to feel boring, like most of what has happened to me in real life. I think the worst piece of writing advice I ever heard is “use/write what you know; material from your life is raw material for story.”

Ehm… no. My life sounds like nothing even I would like to read. Perhaps I should try literary writing.

Who the hell cares if you write literary or not? That’s beside the point. The real point, if you’ve been paying attention, is that you freaking get some writing done.

I know but…

There’s no but. Sit your butt down, grab a pen and write the damn story. You have it inside of you. You may not be lightning quick like Stephen King, but who wants to be Stephen King anyway?

I do.

The point again is that you will never know how good you can get if you end up psyching yourself out with self doubts and whatnot. Capisce?”

Sit down. Write.

Okay. Write about what?

I don’t know. Just write something. Usually, when you start, something will present itself. It’s not the first time I’ve heard people wax philosophical about the otherverse and how it’s always looking for conduits, mediums through which it will communicate with our own universe.

Whether true or not, the evidence is stacked in their favour – people who actually sit down to write get more stories out there than people who have, “the best freaking novel ever” roaming aimlessly in their minds.

Who cares what’s on your mind? This isn’t Facebook. This is your freaking job – to inform, entertain, educate and maybe piss off a few people. So better get to it.

I started this piece with nothing else on my mind except the fact that I just needed to stop this lazy ass non-writing spell of a few days. That short story that started out so exciting and is now looking like the “biggest mistake ever” will likely not become the “best story ever”, but it I’ll tell you the biggest mistake ever – not finishing it. Because no one will ever know until you finish the damn thing.

Okay. I get your point. But you can’t deny the fact that the story sucks right now.

No, it doesn’t.

It does.

Okay, maybe it does. So what are our options?

Hmm, can you restart?

I don’t think so. I don’t want to.

Me neither. Maybe someone should read it and tell you what they think? And hey, weren’t you going to do some research? It could help, spark off a few juices.

Yeah, that’s true!

So, what are you going to do?

I’m going to finish the damn story, that’s what.

You’re welcome.


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