Mid-September Roundup



I’ve not been around here as much as I used to. I know. So, I figured I’ll be posting some things I work on at the office. I write about technology and startups for a living (for now) and a lot of what I come across is quite interesting. That’s what the roundup is about. Links to some of the interesting things happening at work and in Africa. I’m playing around with a Weekly/Monthly Writer Roundup as well but that depends on how well this goes.

By the way, thanks for sharing my last post, Love is like an Old VW Beetle, especially on Facebook. You guys rock. Site traffic was encouraging this week.

Anyway, here goes:

Borrow Money Online, Pay back Anytime

I worked on an interview with one of the startups disrupting the credit facilities in Nigeria – Aella Credit. The interview was with one of the founders. They’ve been able to come up with a way to lend out money using Biometric Verification Numbers (BVN). And it’s all done online. Who knew Nigerians loved borrowing money so much? The company’s had a 300% growth rate and no defaulters so far.

Red Devil News in Pidgin

I discovered a Manchester United Twitter handle that tweets out commentary and Red Devil news, all in pidgin english. And iIt’s done really well. Couldn’t stop laughing at some of the captions. Perfect for Friday binge reading. I curated some of my favorites here.

Ghanaian App Starter Pack

I had to dive into Ghanaian news sites, interviews and what not just to get this article right. At one point, I started reading about power outages in the country. Turns out, I have a perfectionist side when it comes to my writing. Guess they were right; when you write, you discover yourself.

That’s it for now. Enjoy yourself. Take #longwalks and try some #stargazing this weekend. It’ll be fun.

Photo Credit: Orangeadnan via Compfight cc


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