2015 in Review, according to Google


The end of the year brings along its own atmosphere – a unique mix of laid back and hectic. Naturally, you’re thrilled the holiday is just days away, lots of food, plenty to drink, christmas carols and you get to spend time with family and friends. All those reasons are also major stressors, as you’ll be planning trips to the market, scheduling visits and making budgets for christmas gifts.

This time of year is also when Google shows us how nice/naughty we’ve been all through the year as it unveils a list of the year’s most “googled” topics, stories and phrases. Obviously, Google is now a convenient resource for researching exactly what people are/were interested in (also, am I the only one thinking, if we ever get invaded by aliens, the first thing they’d do is google stuff?).

Here’s a quick recap of the World’s most googled searches

Searches are influenced by real world events. This year, the Paris bombings and the 2015 Oscars (you know, the one where Birdman won Best Picture) were the most searched, having over 894 million and 406 million related queries respectively.

This same year, we lost Leonard Nimoy, the definitive Spock (sorry Zachary Quinto), a tragedy that garnered over 123 million queries. Apparently, a lot of people LOVE Cricket, because between February and March, the Cricket World Cup was googled over 323 million times.

We also had a lot of bad news. This year, the world endured a very grueling financial crisis as economic systems continued to degrade, especially in Greece (35 million searches) and Shanghai (12 million). We also lost Cecil the lion and let’s not forget the EU refugee crisis, of which interest peaked in September, when the bodies of three refugees wound up on a sea shore.

If you’re currently reading this on a mobile phone, and you know you’re gonna be sleeping tonight on a (relatively) warm bed, there’s a lot to be grateful for.

Make sure you close out the year with gratitude.

The full list can be found here. And here’s a really cool video summary of the year in search, courtesy, Google.

Photo Credit: Gui Trento via Compfight cc