Women Should Love Women: Celebrating International Women’s Day

It is a long standing belief that women secretly hate one another. Whether this is true or not,the phenomenon is influential and is being passed on unknowingly from generation to generation. So much so that the critic H.L. Mencken redefined a misogynist as a man who hates women as much as women hate one another.

It is not uncommon to hear women report more critical views of other women than the men do of their male peers. It is women, not men, who objectify and belittle attractive women.

In one of my favourite novels “The Colour Purple” by Alice Walker, we see a type of this twisted relationship when Celie, a victim of domestic violence lends her voice to the same deadly act asking Harpo to beat his wife Sofia. I couldn’t stop asking, “How could she!”

It is time to see that this preoccupation with girl-on-girl victimization distracts us from the greater problems women face, such as the poverty that wears a face of a woman, violence against women, women and health issues, education of women and so on.

Thankfully, the novel presents to us symbols of women empowerment such as Kate, who continually urges Celie to fight back at the abuse shoved at her and Shug Avery who finally rescues Celie from the joyless, tortuous married life.

There is an increasing need for women to be more active and vocal, not just in politics but in campaigns of change to the plight of women, for women are indeed the solution to women problems. For every active voice, the strength of the cord grows stronger. In the words of Melinda Gates “a woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman”.

I celebrate every woman who has stood strong on this cause and I continually pledge that my voice will be heard, my voice will count in the cause of women.

#IWD 2016  #Pledge for Parity


Judy Sambe is a communication specialist and girl-child education advocate. She has vast experience in health/development communication having worked with different NGOs and UNICEF. She is the co-founder of Education for Change  Initiative. She’s an avid reader,  she also loves to write.


3 thoughts on “Women Should Love Women: Celebrating International Women’s Day

  1. Well written and captured Judith! I stand with you.

  2. Your voice is already being heard Judy. Nice peice👍.

  3. Quite apt Judy. i pray we all keep this in mind when we come across other women in the course of our years especially at the work place.

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