Of Fate and First Encounters…



Hope you enjoyed last week’s post, cos she’s got something else to say. Francoise, do your thing…

Francoise: It’s the 60’s.

It’s a house or rather a garden.

A baby is enjoying the autumn sun in its cradle. A girl.

She is beautiful. She is plump. She is blond. She is sleeping. Her mother is hanging up her white nappies on the clothes line and enters the house.

Suddenly, a monkey appears on the scene. Yes, a fat female monkey which escaped from its cage over at the neighbour’s house. It’s her usual game, because this is not the first time. Jumping on the line and removing all the clothes pins holding the clean nappies. There are no witnesses to the scene of the “crime” beside the sleeping baby.

From the line, the monkey leaps to the cradle, but touches nothing. It simply bends and watches.

The little child awakens too, opens her eyes and simply watches…. But for how long? What do they see, these two different females. Do they only think of something?

The big question for me is, Was there a message transmitted by the laws of nature? It’s an important question for me in fact, because the baby of course, was me. This used to be the beginning of my story but very recently, my mother confessed to me that if the story of the female monkey was really true, it never came close to my cradle.

What do you think or understand from this, hein? Particularly if you know the story about the rest of my life? My life’s choices…

If only there was a choice…

……. parce que mon nom veut dire liberté  […… because my name means freedom]

See you next week

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