Curtain Call on Page 33….

… and hello Page 34!

I’m starting to think of my life as an early draft of a great story being written.

With so many chapters and so many adventures, not all of them have happy endings but they all have lessons to teach. All those pages so far make me the man I am today, and I’m just so happy.

I already wrote about some good things that happened to me last year here. Keep reading if you’ve already read that.

I got to tick more boxes off my bucket list. Finally had my first air flight which wasn’t as scary as I feared. It was excruciating though – I ‘ve been living with this hole in my tooth for seven years and when the plane reached a certain height (that point where your ears pop), the hole in my tooth began banging  hard, and my head started to spin.

So it ended up being a memorable experience, even though for the wrong reason!


Had my first creative burnout.

So last year was the most intense year I’ve ever had professionally. I worked my butt off without taking a break or a leave. By December, I had nothing left to give – my writing sucked, my ideas sucked, even I sucked, I hated Mondays and started tuning out at work. Things that would usually take me an hour or two to write, started taking me days. I just didn’t have the drive anymore.

Luckily, my awesome boss picked up on it, had a sit down with me, and once she realised what was going on, gave me the rest of the year off (see why she’s awesome?). Had a long Christmas / New year holiday and stayed away from writing long enough to start missing it. And only then did I start writing again. Like the experts say, time off from work helps to refill your creative juices.

33 was also the year I got mugged for the first time, ever. It was equal parts scary and bizarre. Like I couldn’t believe it was happening even while it was happening.

So it was just me facing off 3 guys. It happened so fast! Like one minute I was strolling to my house, the next I was surrounded by 3 dudes. It was dark, threats were made, and they were all over me in the space of 5 seconds. I was right there in their middle forming Captain America and fighting them off when I realised, “Dude, you could die right now, shey you know?” I quickly looked for an opening and ran for dear life.

I’m really grateful I escaped, (wallet and my phone intact!), with only bruises and a deep wound on my wrist, (which I got treated at the hospital the following day), to show for it. Phew! Close call. Thank you Jesus!

I’m still not the patient, understanding, accommodating, meek and wise human being I desire to be. In my heart of hearts, I want to have a heart just like Jesus, I really do. I want to show people His love, wisdom, and incredibly large and warm heart. But there were days I failed so bad and ended up so far from the mark, that goal of Jesus’ heart felt like a cruel joke. But, for the first time, in the course of this page 33, I also had good days, not a few, where I came close. Like, really close to the mark. Those days I’d go to bed, feeling like I rode on clouds all day.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m an early draft that is very much being written. There’s a lot about me that needs to be reworked and even more that needs to be edited out. But at this point, the general gist of my life is evident and I like what it is turning out to be.

Each day, I wake up to the joy all around me. Aware of the beautiful story being written within me and through me.

I’m grateful for so much. I feel like I’ve lived a full life already. So many homes and families fixed, kids back in school, teenagers set on the right track in life, healings and an incredible mentoring program I’m currently a part of.

And to think that there’s still so much ahead.

I’m humbled by this.

I’m excited also.

Here’s hoping Page 34 is more beautiful, inspiring and captivating than all the pages before. As always, there will be dancing, food and lots of cake.

Thanks for reading.


Photo Credit: Brandivate