8 things that still tick me off as a writer

Writers are very particular about their craft. We can be docile and quiet around you, but just disrespect the craft and you’ll see us all up in arms.

It’s not just the grammatical errors that scratches our vinyl.

There’s about 7 other things that happen every other week that makes me feel like tearing out my hair or beating someone up.

I know I should rise above and beyond, but it’s exhausting. The following list, in no particular order, are 8 things that get me ticked off:


  1. Everyone thinks they can write.

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer.

Look, we’re grateful for social media but tweeting and chatting is not writing. If you think everyone can do it, you honestly don’t understand what writing is.

  1. When people say writing is not so difficult.

“You just sit there and punch letters on a keyboard all day. How hard can it be?”

Bruh, writing is hard!

Most writers have to deal with crippling perfectionism and a constant fear of failure all the time. We agonize over every choice of word.

Sometimes I read and reread a paragraph until the words are a blur.

Writing is not for the faint hearted! It requires practice, diligence and focus.

  1. Editing is way easier than writing.

Writing is a bit like giving birth.

There was nothing, and then with patience, and lots of pain, something emerged.

And that something makes everyone happy.

Editing on the other hand involves honing someone else’s idea – after the person is done with all the hard work!

So it grates hard when some editors tear down your work.

Of course, most professional editors  wouldn’t.

But within an organization where every communication is subjected to peer review, writers suffer a lot under the reviewers/editors who usually have no idea what good writing looks like even if it hit them in the face.

Let me put it this way, it’s easier to paint a wall than it is to build it from scratch.

Writing is building. Editing is painting.

So take it easy with the snide commentary.

  1. Ask me to write or edit your [insert something] for free.

For some reason, a lot of people believe writers exist solely to serve their own needs.

After all, “you writers have so much free time. You just sit down in front of the PC all day.”

Uhm… would you ask your surgeon friend for free surgery?

Writing or editing your work would take me more time than getting rid of your appendix would take the surgeon.

Think about that!

  1. When people put up horrible notes on Facebook, tag everyone & wait for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

This right here is the sole reason why I’d vote for Facebook to be shutdown. (This and Candy Crush invites).

Yes, there is freedom of speech and you are allowed to use your platform as you wish.

But please, write, hit publish and just leave it at that.

Don’t expect world hunger to cease simply because you put up a post.

Resist the urge to tag everyone. That voice telling you to ignore that previous sentence is the devil.

  1. When people write sentences using SMS lingo, even when they are not messaging.

I sometimes get emails with sentences like, “I hope 2 hear from u soon, thank u” or “U will defn8ly luv dem” and I often have to bite my tongue.

I do have some questions for them though. Like, are some of the letters on your keyboard missing? Do tell.

  1. When people use “affect” in place of “effect”, “I couldn’t care less” in place of “I could care less” and the most annoying of them all “their” in place of “there”.

For the love of all that is good, it would save us all months of migraines and therapy to learn the difference between these words. I think it’s best I leave it at that. Expatiating on this point may take the whole day and open up deep seethed wounds.

  1. Assume I am less busy because I sometimes get to work from home.

Don’t assume I have time to go pick up every single family member that comes into town from the airport. I do not have time. I may be in my drawers at 3 o’clock in the afternoon (as I am right this very minute) and I may be having a conversation with Molara, one of my madeup characters (which I also am right now) instead of being present at an office, but I am busy.

I am writing which means that I am working.


Phew, it felt good to get that all out.

What tricks you off and grinds your gears?

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