Freelancing in a rapidly evolving world requires you to be a frog

Animals react to climate change in three ways: They move, adapt or die.

I once read about the Alaskan Wood Frog and I was amazed by how far this creature goes to survive in the wild.

During winter, up to 60% of an Alaskan Wood Frogs’ body freezes solid. It stops breathing and its heart stops beating too. This allows the frog to survive temperatures as low as -80 degrees Fahrenheit.

And in spring, the frog thaws out and resumes living like it didn’t just spend months being an ice popsicle.


I like to think of myself as an Alaskan Wood Frog, constantly adapting to changes in the market to remain relevant, to escaping becoming an ancient relic.

Or dying out like the Dodo bird. The poor thing stood no chance against the Dutch sailors.
Take for example, Kodak. Remember when ‘Kodak moments’ was a thing?


How old are you again?

Well, once upon a time, Kodak reigned over the photography industry. But it failed to respond quickly to the arrival of digital photography which led to bankruptcy in 2013 as nobody, absolutely nobody (including diehard traditionalists and your grannies) used camera film anymore.

On the flip side, Kodak seemed to take the lesson to heart. In January 2018, Kodak’s share price on the New York Stock Exchange more than doubled.

Why? Kodak announced that it would launch its own cryptocurrency called KodakCoin, riding on the cryptocurrency wave. Aimed at photographers, KodakCoin forms part of a wider blockchain platform committed to protecting photographers and helping them control their image rights.

You see, adaptation is key. It is accepting that change is inevitable and preparing to embrace change whenever it comes.

The world is constantly evolving. Events like the coronavirus pandemic just happen to speed things up rapidly. Now everywhere there’s job insecurity and stock markets are crashing.

If you’re a freelancer, then you would have noticed a huge drop in our regular business activities.

But not everyone is experiencing a downturn.

Finance and health blogs are booming.

As a freelancer, having a diverse skillset as well as being a quick study, are necessary tools in your survival toolkit.

It is possible that your current revenue streams have dried up. If so, you’re definitely hunting for new streams.

It’s time again to be the Alaskan Wood Frog.

  1. Start Coaching Others

Take advantage of social distancing by broadening your services to include online coaching. You can take on clients from all over the world and share your knowledge and experience.

  1. Create an Online Course for your readers

Remember when everyone was too busy? Felt like a lifetime ago. Now, everyone is at home and we’re bored.

Yes, people have a lot of time on their hands and, if you’re persuasive enough, they just may be interested in picking up new skills.

Create a high quality course on any of your area of specialty and dedicate some amount of time and resources designing useful educative materials that people would pay for.

  1. Rest

If you’ve been working yourself to the bone, this may be the perfect time to just take a break. The rest may give you the much needed to refuel and come back stronger.

Work distancing can help you gain new perspectives about your work and business.

Overall, it is important that we all remain positive during this period. The world has witnessed worse pandemics. And people survived.

You will too.