MymumisNigerian – the best #yourknowyourmumisnigerian tweets


Photo credit: citifmonline

Photo credit: citifmonline

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So, it’s been forever since I’ve said anything on here. And I’m so sorry.

I got abducted by aliens and got tangled up in an intergalactic love triangle. My girlfriend didn’t like it one bit, and I’ve been trying to make it up to her. (This may or may not be the plot of a very crappy movie).

Sadly, the real reason is not so exciting – I got a new job and the commute is about 4 hours. So, writing isn’t really feasible for me ATM. I’m getting into the routine though so hope to get a few more posts out before I’m sucked into the rat race again.

Now to today’s post. #YouKnowYourMumisNigerian has been picking up steam on twitter for a while. And hilarity ensued.

Combing twitter, I saw a lot of Nigerians joined the conversation, and let’s face it, moms are worth it. I could relate with a lot of #youknowyourmumisnigerian tweets.

Anyways I had a good laugh. Some of the tweets were moving and some were just hilarious. I curated all the ones I considered gems. These tweets belong in a museum of nigerian mothers


Something occured to me – seems to me that either we were all raised by the same woman(who somehow had duplication powers) or all nigerian mothers attended the same College of Mothering.

Anyway, these are the classic ones

Saved the best for last

For the record, my mum did every single thing in these tweets. But, personally, this was my favorite.


I got home and gave my mom a big hug. To all mothers, you rock!